Workforce Development in Aberdeen

The Aberdeen Development Corporation’s Workforce Development Coordinator is dedicated to assisting and facilitating workforce development, recruitment, retention and training in the Aberdeen area. ADC’s goal is to maximize our local and regional resources to improve and mitigate Aberdeen’s workforce challenges.

Workforce Development is vitally important to the Aberdeen region. The Workforce Development Coordinator will focus their scope of work efforts on five key components:

  • Augmenting existing research and compiling data
  • Expanding marketing and recruitment efforts
  • Developing a streamlined approach for newcomer and refugee integration
  • Enhancing and expanding our technical education offerings
  • Engaging and retaining students in our local workforce

The Aberdeen Development Corporation is providing the direction, structure and resources for workforce development in the Aberdeen area in order to build the proper workforce foundation so Aberdeen’s business and industrial growth can be robust long into the future.

Workforce Development Resources

Dakota Roots
Dakota Roots features the kind of job opportunities that encourage families to move back to our great state, while supplying employers with a talented and productive workforce. Working together, we can provide better lives for those who are proud to call South Dakota their home.

South Dakota Department of Labor & Regulation
Here you’ll find a number of internship opportunities in South Dakota.

The Training Place
The mission of The Training Place is to provide work and technical training to meet the needs of regional employers.

Cornerstones Career Learning Center, Inc.
This organization provides customized training and testing services for employers, as well as GED and ESL courses.