About the ADC

The Aberdeen Development Corporation is a private non-profit corporation with the mission to recruit, retain, expand and provide entrepreneurial support to enhance the economic opportunity in Aberdeen and the surrounding region. Job growth and business expansion are critical for creating a vibrant and thriving community. We leverage resources to make Aberdeen the South Dakota choice for people and businesses. Our primary areas of focus are Business Development, Business Expansion and Business Retention.

Historical Growth & Development

The Aberdeen Development Corporation was founded in 1955 by a group of visionaries recognizing the need to entice new businesses and industries to the Aberdeen area. These five civic-minded citizens included: Bernard F. Martin, Robert F. Gorder, N. P. Wenge, Henry J. Schmitt, and Chester Lind.

The Aberdeen Development Corporation began developing properties in the early 1960’s. The first was the Aberdeen Industrial Park. Vertex Company, later purchased by Cardinal Tool, was the first company to locate in the park in 1963. In 1967, the park was further developed with streets, sewer, water and streetlights.

The first Executive Vice President was Gus Ruland, followed by Dave Cady, Frank Kraft, Cal Engel and Jim Barringer. Michael Bockorny is currently at the helm.

The Aberdeen Development Corporation is a 501 C(6) nonprofit corporation. Download our Overview & Policies for additional information about our organization.