In collaboration with the Center on Rural Innovation, Northern State University and the Aberdeen Development Corporation acquired the grant for the 2022 Rural Initiative Program.

In January 2023 Northern State University launched the Northern Innovation and Startup Center, with a mission to grow and diversify the digital economy ecosystem in northeastern South Dakota.

The Northern Startup Center will infuse technology startup expertise into existing entrepreneurship resources, build a local culture  of tech entrepreneurship and create cohesive pathways, and offer ideation and incubator programming for the community.

The startup center is designed to connect tech innovators and startups with the people and resources they need to succeed. They will offer a variety of services and programming, including mentoring, networking, tech startup workshops, events, and more. These services are available to all community entrepreneurs in Aberdeen and surrounding region. To increase access for busy founders and underserved communities. The Startup Center will also make many resources available remotely online.

They are located in Beulah Williams Library on Northern’s campus and are open to the entire community.


  • Events and Speakers: To inspire and educate our community
  • Ideation Workshops: To turn ideas in to viable businesses
  • Tech Startup Workshops: To upskill entrepreneurs
  • Incubator Programs: To nurture young tech startups
  • Champions Network: To connect founders and mentors
  • Coworking/Incubator: To create space to grow and thrive

Take a look at their upcoming workshops and events!