Government affairs & public policy

Business Advocacy

The ADC staff spends countless hours lobbying behind the scenes for initiatives that will benefit our community in both the short and long term.

Legislative Priorities

We support education as a vital component of a strong local economy. This includes state investment in Northern State University, its students and all programs and facilities which serve the workforce needs. Keeping college and tech education affordable for the student population while balancing other needs is also vital. Furthermore, we support the development of new programming at NSU; including the nursing program to meet workforce demands.

Continued funding support of K-12 education, and early education opportunities for the greater Aberdeen region are a constant.


Aberdeen Advocates

The Aberdeen Development Corporation works collaboratively with the Aberdeen Area Chamber of Commerce to better position Aberdeen to have a voice on local and statewide issues.

By devoting additional time and resources to establish a stronger presence within political and government processes year-round, we believe that we will be able to advance sound public policy and promote a stable environment for our business community to flourish!


Best City For Businesses

No other business organization is as deeply connected to what is happening in the Aberdeen business community, and no other organization brings together the decision-makers and leaders who make things happen. The ADC helps local companies grow their business by offering opportunities in business education and development, advocacy and representation, networking and connecting as well as community involvement.

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