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Aberdeen is truly a Hub City in Northeast South Dakota and we are able to attract a robust regional workforce from within Aberdeen and surrounding communities. We are the third largest city in the state of South Dakota, behind Sioux Falls and Rapid City. We are a proud college town, home to Northern State University, which produces many talented graduates that work in our area businesses. Businesses in our community benefit from a highly educated, dedicated workforce with a reputation of being hard workers.

Higher Education

Aberdeen has been ranked no. 2 small college town in the USA. We are home to Northern State University with 3,500+ students & have a regional connection to 2,600+ students at Lake Area Technical College.

Health Care

Aberdeen is a hub for healthcare facilities and services. We have two major hospital systems including Avera St. Luke's and Sanford Health.

Economic Resiliency

Aberdeen SD MSA ranks 9th of 542 small cities for industry diversity. A region with high diversity can signal economic stability and more easily withstand economic pressures.

Why join the workforce in Aberdeen?

High Quality Of Life

In Aberdeen, we enjoy a stress-fee lifestyle that other US regions do not and studies have proven, Midwesterners are as nice as the stereotypes suggest. Our community embraces new businesses and new members, and you'll love what Aberdeen has to offer.

Aberdeen is the best place in South Dakota to raise a family. We enjoy an affordable cost of living, open spaces, a relaxed pace of life and amenities for all ages. During the warm months, we enjoy golf courses, parks, lake time and more than 25 miles of trails. In the colder months, we offer pheasant hunting that’s second to none. Any time of the year you may find us at one of the many museums in the area or attending the annual fairs and festivals



Hard working, midwestern values

Educated & Hardworking

Born and bred with midwestern values, Aberdonians are eager to roll up their sleeves and get the job done. Home to Northern State University, each year about 300 bachelor’s degree graduates enter the workforce. Plus Aberdeen’s high school graduation rate exceeds the state and national average at more than 92%.

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