Doing Business In Aberdeen.


Best City For Starting A Business

WalletHub, 2021


Personal & Corporate Income Tax Rate


Best City to Live

USA Today, 2019

We are the Hub City

With more than 30 small communities just 60 miles away or less, Aberdeen is the regional hub for employment, shopping, entertainment, and more.

Strong Regional Workforce

With a regional population of over 42,000 the Aberdeen regional area is home to students, fresh talent and experienced professionals. There are 1,820 net commuters that enter Aberdeen for job opportunities.

Companies Succeed Here

The best indicator of success in a region is seeing examples of companies in your industry that have found success. And you’ll find plenty of success stories here.


Invest in your business

The Best Tax Climate In The US

In South Dakota, business tax is minimal so that companies can invest in themselves instead. Here you will enjoy:

  • No corporate income or business inventory tax
  • No personal income or property tax
  • No inheritance or estate taxes

Calling all entrepreneurs!

Consider Aberdeen, SD!

South Dakota consistently ranks as one of the best places in the nation to do business. Here, you can count on keeping the money you earn. Compare your state to South Dakota and see how you can add to your bottom line.



Aberdeen Economy

Centrally located, Aberdeen South Dakota, offers businesses access to extraordinary resources including a highly educated workforce, outstanding infrastructure and attractive financial incentives, all within a community your staff will enjoy calling home.

Population (2023)

Labor Force (Aug 2023)







How can we help your business?

Every industry and every company are different so we’ll provide customized information and services to meet your needs.

We Will:

  • Provide all the information you need about doing business in Aberdeen, South Dakota, the community and quality of life.
  • Help access or connect you to local and state incentives for new businesses.
  • Help quantify savings from incentive programs and compare them to the costs of other locations your company may be considering.
  • Help identify a specific location or property.
  • Connect you to local suppliers, vendors and university resources that can contribute to your company’s success.

Pipeline of talent

Higher Education In Aberdeen

Businesses in our community benefit from a highly educated, dedicated workforce with a reputation of being hard workers. As the only South Dakota small-town community with two universities, and impressive graduate rates, Aberdeen produces a qualified workforce annually.


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