Retaining Young Talent

Aberdeen Pathways Program

Recognizing the importance of retaining bright minds developed by Northern State University (NSU), the Aberdeen Pathways Program engages students from the start of their educational journey through graduation. While each student’s educational experience and career journey varies greatly, there are many opportunities for students to engage in different types of work and career experiences while they are students. These provide pathways for students to be exposed to organizations and businesses from various industries in our community. The Pathways Program works to increase student exposure and engagement in local work and career opportunities, create strategic partnerships among educational institutions and employers, and increase the retention of local college graduates. By encouraging local employers to offer high-quality diverse work experiences, from part-time jobs and internships to volunteering opportunities, we aim to expose students to various industries, creating pathways for success after graduation. Join us in shaping the future of Aberdeen!

Student Engages (3,300+  Enrolled)

We work to increase student awareness of why Aberdeen is a great place to explore and start a career. We create relevant touchpoints and provide information to students on local opportunities as well as engage in the Aberdeen Internship Network, NSU Pitch Competition, and the South Dakota Governor's Giant Vision Competition.


For Students

Internship Network

Experiential Learning

Calling all interns! Embark on a transformative journey each summer through our Internship Network. Gain real-world experience, connect with industry professionals, and pave the way for a successful career.

Flexible Opportunities

Part-Time Work

Discover student-friendly part-time work opportunities tailored to your skills and interests. Our network of businesses welcomes you to build valuable experience while pursuing your education. Whether you're looking to gain practical knowledge in your field or develop transferable skills, these part-time roles provide a bridge between academia and the professional world.

Make A Difference


Make a difference in the community through volunteering. Develop a sense of social responsibility while building a network that extends beyond your academic years.

Professional Excellence

Career Transitioning

Navigate the transition from student life to a fulfilling career with our dedicated support. Our resources and guides empower you to seamlessly transition into the professional world, equipped with confidence and skills.

For Businesses & Organizations

Increase High-Quality Opportunities for students

Aberdeen Internship Guide

Additionally, we will work to expand the number of internships available in Aberdeen by working with employers on how they can create or increase the value of their current student-friendly part-time work opportunities and internships and provide insight to how they can recruit students to work for their businesses post-graduation.

The Aberdeen Internship Guide can assist employers in exploring, creating, and implementing a new internship program, or for potentially reintroducing or strengthening an existing internship program.


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